Breed:      Shepard/Hound mix
Sex;           Male
Age:           Young  1plus years

Zak is a Shepherd/Hound mix who is longing for a forever home. At one-plus yeas old, Zak has the playfulness and energy of a pup. He needs tons of exercise and a strong Alpha human to make for feel comfortable. Zak has abandonment fears and is currently undergoing some training to help his confidence. This is a wonderful dog who was abandoned at a very fragile age and needs someone that really understands dogs to help him through his anxiety. If you’d like to meet Zak, call 970-874-1078.



Breed:   Corgi/Border Collie
Age:      Young
Sex:        Male

Ace is one of the special ones. He’s make a wonderful family pet with kids that would hug and play with him. He’s a real sweetheart. He’s a fun mix…Corgi is his body-type…short legs, bushy tail, upright ears. But his coloring is like a tux-Border Collie. Only the most loving homes should apply. If you’d like to meet Ace, call 970-874-1078.



Breed:     Greyhound/Terrier
Age:        Young
Sex:          Female

Bella is being fostered by her former owner. Call Nancy at 970-527-3306 for more information.



Breed:    B lack Lab/Treeing Walker Coonhound
Sex:        Male
Age:       Puppy

Bear is a stunner with his black and white markings. At nine weeks, he’s very playful and happy. His mom is a Tennessee Walker (Treeing Walker Coonhound) and his dad is a Black Lab. He’d love to be a hunting companion or an active family pet. If you’d like to meet Bear, call 970-874-1078 or his foster mom at 970-433-5025



Breed:     Black lab/Treeing Walker Coonhound
Sex:          Male
Age:         Puppy

Whitey is an extremely confident young boy-dog. At nine weeks, he keeps his brothers and sister in line and has a terrific “nose.” His mom is a Tennessee Walker (Treeing Walker Coonhound) and his dad is a Black Lab. He’d love to be a hunting companion or an active family pet. If you’d like to meet Whitey, call 970-874-1078 or his foster mom at 970-433-5025.



Gender:  Male, Neutered
Age:         2.5  years
Breed:      Black Lab /Pit  Mix

Buddy is a black Lab/Pit mix, 2 1/2 years old, 40 lbs. He is good on
leash and off and understands verbal commands. He is intelligent and
friendly and has a lot of energy. He has been my biking and running
partner for over six months now. When not running, his second love is
play. He is always ready. If dogs could be compared to race horses,
i’d say Buddy is a thoroughbred. His face is beautiful and his body
lean. He is built for speed. He gets a little nervous around children
so i think his best match would be a single male or female interested
in an ourdoors companion. When not running or playing, Buddy  will lay
his head in your lap and look up adoringly into your eyes. He is loyal
and a good watchdog who knows when to bark and when not. He gets along
well with my male border collie and female lab/corgi. Cats, unknown.  If you’d like to meet Buddy, call CAWS at 970-527-3350.


Breed:          Shepherd lab mix
Sex:               male
Age:              6 months old

Charlie is a very mellow puppy. He is found along the side of local highway and might have been struck by a car, requiring minor surgery. He’s recovering nicely and looking for his forever home.

Color:   Fawn with Black face


Breed:      Border Collie/Aussie Cattle Dog mix
Sex:          Male
Age:          young

Charcoal is a happy-go-lucky young boy. He has a very special smile and is a loving, friendly dog. He’s love a big yard or some acreage but most of all, he’d love a family to love and care for him. If you’d like to meet Charcoal, call the CAWS Adoption Center at 970-527-3350.