CAWS Adoption Center


CAWS Adoption Center Staff:
Sirena L. Ward, Center Manager
Brandy Ryan, Center Assistant Manager



640 W. 4th Street (map)
Delta, CO 81416
(970) 874-1078


Seven days a week
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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Volunteers always welcome! Visit our Center Volunteer page for more information.

CAWS Adoption Center Mission Statement:
The CAWS Adoption Center will strive to serve the community by providing a safe and loving environment for local dogs and cats until homes are found. We encourage a quality human-animal experience to facilitate an ideal match in an atmosphere of dignity, hospitality and compassion.

CAWS Adoption Center Vision Statement:
The CAWS Adoption Center envisions a sustainable organization that can provide “adoption guarantee” services to assist area residents, law enforcement and other animal rescue organizations find a safe and progressive haven for companion dogs and cats on a short-term basis; to provide veterinarian care with emphasis on spay and neuter; and to give each pet in its care the opportunity to find permanent placement in a loving home.

The CAWS Adoption Center is under the management of the Delta County Citizens for Animal Welfare and Shelter (CAWS), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization since 1998.

CAWS Adoption Center objectives include:

• To meet the domestic pet shelter needs of Delta County residents and law enforcement.

• To reduce the number of dog and cat euthanasias in Delta County by providing shelter, fostering and adoption services.

• To promote community awareness on the importance of spay and neuter and the problems that contribute to the cycle of pet overpopulation that lead to the euthanasia of hundreds of local animals each year.

• To educate the community on pet care, training, veterinary care, exercise, socialization, and benefits of human-animal companionship.

• To maintain an open relationship with the community and operate with transparency.






Dear Animal Lover,

Nutritious food. Fresh water. Shelter. Love. Every pet deserves them. Every pet needs them. But since we started operating our animal shelter, we’ve seen way too many pets that did not have any of those four.

Many of these pets are now temporary residents of the CAWS Adoption Center in Delta, CO but we can tell you that, by the time they reach us, they are often time underweight, frightened and the look in their eyes reveal they have given up hope. Many have gone days without eating. Some have slept outside in brutal weather conditions, left exposed to the elements; while others haven’t had a drink of water in days. And the saddest part is that many of them were once loved.

So, by the time they get to us here at the CAWS Adoption Center they have lost hope on life and sometimes in people.

We are asking you to help these pets with a special gift of $15, $20, even $25 … or more. Your gift will provide hope to a homeless pet – hope in the form of nutritious meals, fresh water, a warm, comfortable and safe place to sleep at night, and best of all, surrounded by staff and volunteers who will provide lots of love and affection until they can find a permanent, loving home. Your gift can give them what they need to make a new start in life. What a satisfying feeling you will have knowing you have helped some deserving pet right here in our community.

Thanks in advance for opening up your heart…and caring. It means a lot.

CAWS Board of Directors

P.S. If you’re not able to support the Center with a donation, please consider volunteering. We need help walking dog, keeping the Center clean and homey, simple maintenance and many other tasks. Visit our Center Volunteer page for more information.