Happy Tales

We absolutely LOVE Mac, he is the perfect addition to our family.  Although he like the chickens a bit too much. (It’s OK, they’re in a pen)  He wakes us up with a kiss every morning.  Cute story, I was out on the deck with him shucking corn for dinner, he watched me for a minute, then grabbed one of the corn husks and pulled it off, he continued to do it till we were done with the corn.  He loves his walks every morning. And is a great TV buff.
– Mac’s Family


Every morning, Yogi accompanies the children to school.  Avery has taken the responsibility to make certain Yogi has a warm coat before heading outside.  Without hesitation, he jumps into the car and finds his place among the backpacks, lunch boxes and school projects.  Each day, upon our return from the school drop-off, we take our “Yogi” walk.  When on our walk, he stops every so often to look back in my direction, making certain that I am proceeding at a healthy pace.  If he feels that I have stopped for too long of a breather, he comes racing back to me at incredible speed, only to “hockey-stop” into me, with a large, contagious smile spread across his beautiful face.  Right by my side, all day…he stays, following me from room to room, sweetly resting his chin upon my knee when I am at the computer.  He is a bit skittish of our 6 month old kitten, Max, and will wait patiently by his bed while the kitten snoozes peacefully, waiting for his bed back.

Thank you for rescuing Yogi, for putting forth all of the time and love and for waiting for us to find him.  We love him and can not imagine life here or anywhere without Yogi by our side.
– Elana Royer and Family


My whole family would really like to thank you again for allowing us to adopt Sam.
He really is a special dog and exactly what we were looking for. We’ve already taken a couple of nice hikes and Sam really likes to play in the snow. He’s eating well and seems very comfortable with his new situation. His inquisitiveness and playfulness are a joy to watch, and yes he does like to take odd items and move them around and play with them. So far this has not led to any destructive results, so it’s fine. He’s really pretty good on a leash and knows Sit. We’re working on Stay, Come and Heel at which point he will have more freedom.
– Basalt Family