Board of Directors

 Linda Linda Hansen, President — Linda Hansen has lived in Delta County (this time) for 14 years. She recently retired after 32 years as a nurse, working locally both in Public Health and Corrections. She is passionate about relieving suffering in all living things, and is a dedicated vegan. She was a former board member of CAWS and promised to return after retirement, and so she has. She bases her motivation and inspiration on both Gandhi and Buddha, and feels their compassion for animals and their way of life should be honored through service to those who need our help and support, in this case, the dogs and cats of Delta County.CAWS COMMITTEE: CAWS ADOPTION CENTER MANAGEMENT TEAM
  Rand Kokernot, Vice President – Rand moved to the North Fork Valley in 1994 and has had a dog around since infancy and loves to recount the story of his boxer “Lancer.” Upon noticing that Rand, as a toddler, had crawled out into the road, promptly trotted over, picked him up by his cotton diaper and brought him back onto the lawn of his house. It was a Movie of the Week. Rand has been heard in moments of lucidity saying “he sometimes prefers being with dogs more than people.” He counters any criticism by saying that the animals of this planet have suffered greatly at the hands of man and that his job is to counterbalance and help correct this injustice to our loyal animal brothers and sisters. CAWS COMMITTEE: CAWS ADOPTION CENTER MANAGEMENT TEAM
Jayphoto Jay Bagley, Treasurer – Retired from California State government as the Chief of the Medicaid Overpayments Section, I was responsible for leading a team of professional collectors pursuing Medicaid fraud. We recovered over 1/2 billion dollars per year with fraud prosecutions.  Jay is currently employed as Operations Manager for an Alaskan salmon fishing/processing business providing strategic planning and operational support. In his spare time, Jay rides motorcycles which is where he first became aware of CAWS while visiting Paonia during the Annual BMW Rally. Jay and his wife, Catherine, love animals and became involved with CAWS after semi-retiring to Paonia. he supports spaying and neutering of all animals and believe it is our duty to help to provide homes and humane care for all animals. Jay is extremely excited about working in a leadership role with CAWS.
  JoAnn Kalenak, Secretary — JoAnn started working with CAWS back in 2004 after the organization helped find her way-ward Beagle, Darcy (pictured here), after she’d run off in search of big game. JoAnn became a board member in 2007 and juggles her 35-year career in the print business — currently at HIGH COUNTRY NEWS — with fundraising events and as the volunteer director. JoAnn lives in Hotchkiss with her husband, Bob, two dogs, two cat, and various farm critters. CAWS COMMITTEE: CAWS ADOPTION CENTER MANAGEMENT TEAM CHAIR, FUND RAISING TEAM CHAIR
John Martindale, Director – John has been working with CAWS for 12 years by fostering dogs, assisting with events, fundraisers and setting up new foster homes.  Through osmosis via his wife, Mary who is a former board member and long-time volunteer, John has been active with CAWS.  The couple’s household has fostered over 90 dogs. John, a retired manager from a manufacturing company in Illinois, moved to Crawford with his wife and two dogs from Illinois in 2000.  They have three grown children and three young grandchildren split between Chicago and Buffalo. Since his move he has worked part-time as a furniture salesman and ranch foreman. Currently he is retired and involved in the local library community along with CAWS. CAWS COMMITTEE: FOOD DONATION PROGRAM COORDINATOR
Kathy Reich, Director – Kathy is a native to Delta County and is glad to be back with family and friends after retiring as a computer software trainer in 2009. Kathy first became aware of CAWS when she visited her aunt in Paonia and saw a copy of Rescue Magazine. She fell in love with the organization and knew she’d be a part of it one day.Soon after moving back to the area, Kathy began working as a volunteer at Barkin’ Bargains and as a cat foster.Kathy is well acquainted with the animal rescue business after having spent 12 years as a volunteer for SPCA in Raleigh, North Carolina. She looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship with CAWS and is happy to work in its behalf as a board director. CAWS COMMITTEE: DATABASE MANAGER, SPAY & NEUTER COUPON PROGRAM COORDINATOR