Board of Directors

Angela Cerci, President 


Jacque Koehler, Vice President and Spay & Neuter Director 

Jacque is an animal lover who lives with her husband Paul, and two adorable cats in Paonia.  She has volunteered for many years at CAWS’ retail store, Barkin’ Bargains, in Paonia. Jacque also served on many non-profit boards, and is still an active Friends of the Library member. She also finds time to housesit and take care of animals in her spare time.  Jacque is also in charge of CAWS’ spay and neuter program.

Robbi Cox, Treasurer

Robbi lives with her husband Wayne on a farm in Paonia. They have a shelter dog, Jackson, and cat LB, who travel with them to and from Denver to Paonia. Robbi comes with 35 years of experience in bookkeeping and auditing. She served on various non-profit boards and was also treasurer of her husband’s firm in San Diego. Robbi is a firm believer in transparency when it comes fiscal matters of any organization

Erica Howard, Bookkeeper
Karen Goodwin, Barkin’ Bargains Manager

Lynn Wetherell, Fostering

Lynn is very active with the CAWS kitten adoption program, fostering several babies at a time and bringing them to the CAWS thrift store in Paonia called Barkin’ Bargains. There, the kittens are displayed to the delight of shoppers. Lynn is able to find forever homes for her charges this way. As a local massage therapist, Lynn is in contact with many residents and often uses her connections to help find forever homes for dogs and cats in need in Delta County.

 Suzie Normandin, Grants Coordinator