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CAWS and City of Delta Celebrate a Joint Expansion Project

DELTA, Colorado –– Delta County Citizens for Animal Welfare and Shelter (CAWS) is partnering with the City of Delta to expand the CAWS Adoption Center, a no-kill shelter, at 640 West 4th Street. The organization broke ground on Friday, Sept. 26 to celebrate a major expansion of the existing facility that will add a 6,000 square foot exercise yard and improved visitor parking.

With the help of Alpine Fencing, the yard construction will begin soon with the building of an eight-foot tall fenced area and access gates that will expand the current, smaller yards, ten-fold. “This will be a wonderful addition to the Adoption Center,” says Jessica Garrett, CAWS’ shelter manager. “Right now, all we have is a small area for the dogs to relieve themselves and not much more.”

Thanks to a generous private donation, shade sails will be added around the new yard to provide the Center’s dogs with plenty of protection from the sun. A landscaped, grassed area is also planned with bench-seating for visitors who are interested in getting to know dogs available for adoption at the Center.

The City of Delta has spent thyard_plan_new_3e past several weeks clearing land on both sides of the current shelter facility to make room for the expansion. The City is also improving access to the exercise yard with a new door from the dog kennels inside the main facility.

“We are extremely grateful to the City for their partnership and for working with us to provide the best care for Delta’s animals in need,” says JoAnn Kalenak, CAWS board member. “This addition will also help area residents feel more comfortable when they visit the Center. They will be able to visit our animals in a family-friendly atmosphere where people and pets can get to know each other before making the decision to adopt.”

Ideas for a second collaborative expansion project in 2015 are being discussed that would add an additional 900 square feet to the north end of the existing building. The added space would be used as a reception/office area and an isolation room where dogs and cats newly entering the Center can stay while staff evaluates their condition and assimilates them into the main Center’s population.

CAWS took over shelter operations from the City of Delta in 2012 and serves Delta County residents and homeless pets under a free lease, utilities and telephone agreement. “This is equivalent to a $20,000 donation by the City…funds that CAWS would otherwise have to pay,” says Kalenak. The City also pays the Center about $2,000 a year to take care of animals under abuse or quarantine situations. Sixty percent of the animals accepted into the Center come from outside the City, and CAWS has recently asked for a $25,000 contribution from County Commissioners to help maintain services.